During the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of project types, from eCommerce websites to Point of Sale systems to Supply Chain Management Systems. Here are just a few projects of which I am particularly proud to have been a part.

My specialty is being a generalist.

Specialists are awesome. I know many and they are all very nice people. Some of my best friends are specialists. They are also very talented in their specific areas of expertise. To achieve success you need specialists. I also have a specialty. My specialty is being a generalist.

“Whoa!”, you say. “Is that supposed to be a clever oxymoron?”

Nope. Someone has to understand how all the pieces fit together. Someone has to be able to capture and articulate the business goals that initiated the project. Someone needs to translate those business goals into actionable requirements. And someone needs to make sure that all the other specialists are applying their considerable talents to achieve the same definition of project success. That’s my specialty – I apply a broad knowledge base, acquired from years of experience in a wide range of areas, to develop solutions that meet the needs of business.

Take this site for example. The fact that you are reading this proves that I have the expertise to reach my target audience. That you got this far tells me that both the messaging and the technology at least meet your expectations. Now consider all of the bits and pieces – Strategy, User Experience, Creative, Development – all executed by one man with a broad range of skills and the expertise to combine those skills to help meet the strategic goal of employment.

Strategic Capabilities

Marketing Communications 24 years
Web Development 24 years
Advertising 24 years
Digital Strategy 20 years
Marketing Strategy 17 years
Brand Development 16 years
E-commerce 15 years
Creative Strategy 15 years
Business Analysis 14 years
Requirements Definition 14 years
Social Media 8 years
Business Intelligence 5 years

User Experience (UX)

User Interface Design 24 years
User-centered Design 24 years
Web Analytics 23 years
SEO 22 years
Accessibility 20 years
Interaction Design 20 years
Information Architecture 20 years
Usability 20 years
User Experience (UX) Research 18 years
Usability Testing 18 years
Visio 15 years
Axure 8 years
Journey Mapping 3 years


Web Design 24 years
Graphic Design 24 years
Adobe CS - Photoshop 23 years
Adobe CS - Illustrator 20 years
Copywriting 18 years
Adobe CS - Flash 17 years
Art Direction 17 years
Adobe CS - InDesign 15 years
Creative Direction 15 years
Adobe CS - Premiere 8 years


HTML 24 years
CSS 17 years
Javascript 17 years
Wordpress 7 years
Drupal 5 years
jQuery 2 years
Responsive Design 1 year
Sass 1 year
Compass 1 year
Susy 1 year

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This site is all about selling my capabilities to you. But you don’t have to take my word for it. These kind colleagues tell a pretty compelling story, if I do say so myself.